Software Release Versions:
We currently have V4, V5 and V6 software versions that share the same Database and License structure.
It is possible to easily change from V4 or V5 up to V6, however you must not use different versions of the software on the same database file.
The Database Systen was changed from MS-dbJet (as used in Office 2007) to VistaDb (32/64 bit compatible).
Before Upgrading you must export your Strategic Plans to an XML file and so they can be re-imported if necessary.
You should never go back to using V5 or V4 after having used V6 on the same database.
Totally Free Software Version 3
This 32 bit software version is some years old and uses the button style interface because it was produced before the MS-Office style Tabbed Ribbon Screen control was created.
It is currently not compatible with European number formats such as 1234,56.
This software is totally free forever, however unless you have a license file, its usage is restricted along with the Free Personal Version usage conditions.
No new licenses are being issued for this version.
Software Version 6.x(Free or Licensed)
This V4, V5 & V6 series was produced using the MS-Office Tabbed Ribbon Screen control which provides a much superior User Interface, with the ability to seperate the screen controls from the actual data.

Free unlicensed usage is limited to 60 days from the date that it was published, after which time it will expire unless a software license is purchased.
However if a new software build is released during this time then simply by downloading this build, you can reset the expiry date and extend it for a further period of 60 days from the build date.

- The Build number is the number of days since January 1st 2000, which is when the Microsoft Visual Studio began.
New Software Version 7 Development Progress
We began work on V7 in March 2011 and resumed work on this in January 2013, with a view to completion in Q3 2013.
Currently we have a running Version 7 system and are in the process of making further improvements, Please click here to view our NEW VERSION PROGRESS BLOG.
Work on V7 was also delayed because many planned V7 enhancements were made to V4, V5 and then V6.
Plus we have received and are still working on, many V6 enhancement requests from customers.
It has taken us many years to reach our final product form, thus we hope that V7 will be what we always wanted our software to be: 1. High Quality. 2: Inexpensive. 3. Free Training.
Version 7 Add-ons
Hence we have made most of our planned enhancements to V4, V5 and then V6.
However the V7 system will have features that cannot be made with the existing database structure. For example this includes employee Password Logins and multi-language capability.
It will have the ability to Import Version 4, 5 & 6 Exported XML files, thus providing the means to move customer's existing data into the new V7 database.