Strategic Plan Consulting Work:
With our inexpensive "Quick-Start" package, we also assist customers with the design of their Strategic Plans.

Typically what happens is that customers have some kind of summary or Mind Map sheet as well as accompanying material.
We study this and format into a Strategy Map with Vision, Mission and Goal statements.
KPI's, Measures and Scores can often be extracted from their material, or we can recommend ones to use.
We supply the completed work in an XML file that our software can import.
Expect up to 10 person-hours of professional work, which usually extends to 12 hours or more.
Recent Consulting Work Done by ourselves
We continue to help organizations by providing a half day Internet Skype (or other) Software and Concept training plus a one day "Quick Start" for our usual low prices.
(Normally most Balanced Scorecard face-to-face consulting costs about $2000/day).
Remote Consulting work using Video-Conferencing is Extremely Viable
We have done many jobs using Skype, TeamViews or other video conferencing systems.
Often the larger customers will have their own corporate systems established with systems such as Global Crossing in which case we are simply allowed to use their system. Hence we are able to assist you with your Strategic Planning remotely which is extremely cost effective because we have al our own reference materiak here in our office.
If you send us your current material we can usually produce an initial Strategy Map in a few hours. It typicaly takes half a day to study all the customers material and another half day to actually create the map.

Yes, in many cases customers can do this themselves... but many organizations need it done profesionally and within reasonable time constraints.
Considering the vital importance of this work, and the typical prices that some consultants are charging, our prices are extremely reasonable and can be seen on our Price List Page.