Third Generation Balanced Scorecard:
The 3G BSC came about as a means to strengthen the Strategy Map Objectives concept.
The Strategy Map & Balanced Scorecard Approach has become entrenched in Commerce and Industry, as the world standard framework for Strategic Planning and Performance Measurement.
A Stronger Strategy Map:
In complex or sensitive Change Management circumstances, it became essential to have a very strong Strategy Map.
This is because the foundation for all change management is a strong and well defined Strategic Direction.
The Objectives have to be defendable so that they are beyond question, then all issues can then be effectively managed in the Balanced Scorecard.
Hence it became necessary to describe both the intended process as well as the outcome or destination.
Different names or terms are used for these, but the 3G concept is clear.

Hence in every Strategy Map it makes sense to add simple descriptive statements to each Objective. This clearly defines the scope and definitions, so everybody can understand & engage them better.
The statements look good to your stakeholders and raises their confidence level, plus general Strategic Thinking is enhanced.
Bigger Picture Strategic Objectives:
Strategy Maps are all about "Visualising the Strategy by looking at the bigger picture" - they do not get involved in the daily management.
The more you can define your intended Strategic Direction using overview or "bigger picture" broader concepts, the better everybody will be able to engage and memorise it.
Our Implementation of 3G BSC:
The Strategy Map provides the capability for three Statements, each of up to 250 characters.
One statement will be applied to every Perspective and two statements will be applied to each Objective.

In the Options module, default statement names will be defined and the user can change the names as required.
The default Perspective Statement is "Purpose", whilst the Objective statement names are "Description" and "Destination".

In the Strategy Map module you will easily be able to define the statement text.
What is a Project Map then and why is different:
If your Strategy Map was a "Project Map" or a "Mind Map" then you would have a more complex flowchart to include all relevant details.
So if you want to build a Project Map or Mind Map then that is ok, plus you can adapt these 3G BSC concepts as you consider appropriate.