A Basic Strategic Plan Example:
This example shows some examples within the different layers (or tiers) that are used in the Strategy Map Balanced Scorecard: from the Strategic Visionary Statements right down to the Initiatives and Monthly Grids.

If your system is just a simple KPI and Measures system and it suits you then that is good, but remember these 3 rules...
1. The higher your building, the better is the view.
2. The more you improve your structure, the better are the visibility, alignment, adaptability and engagement.
3. Lean thinking is essential as a way to eliminate the noise, but your strategic picture needs to be defendable or it can never be seriously engaged.

There is no place for verbose multi-dimensional paragraphs, break up those phrases into concise & accurate components, using structure to improve visibility at every opportunity.

Strategic Visionary Statements - Work every statement for conciseness, precision & engagement.
Vision We are a successful profitable organization that enhances its sales through Innovation, Quality & Improved Customer Satisfaction.
Mission Provide effective & timely quality solutions through accurate customer satisfaction feedback analysis.
Core Goal Improve annual product sales by 20% through accurate & responsive customer focus.
Slogan Improved affordable high-quality products sooner.
Values We encourage accurate and timely customer feedback so we can listen and improve our service.
Employees Our employees are our organization's most valued assets and have a shared responsibility in engaging our strategic objectives.
We recognize employee quality, enhancement, motivation and performance as some of the key factors in achieving success.
HR We are dedicated to assisting every employee to reach their full potential in both performance and reward.
We share a strong commitment to diversity, equal opportunity and fair treatment.
Our promotion is based on merit, and relies on our internal intangible product and market knowledge.
Our organizational structure & culture promotes involvement, open communication, teamwork and cooperation.

Example of Strategy Map Third Generation statements which make a stronger strategic picture
Perspective Customers
Perspective Purpose We consider our customers as the highest strategic level as they are the true indicator of our immediate success, plus they provide the essential revenue stream which allows us to position ourselves in front of our competitors.
Objective C1 Provide quality solutions that satisfy all customer needs & requirements.
Objective Description It is essential that we provide products that are of a high quality as this results in improved product confidence and higher acceptability with current customers.
Objective Destination We need to constantly increase our product range by 10% each year and the existing products need to be improved by 20% every year.
more... Add additional Perspectives and Objectives into your Map as required.
Perspective rows can be repeated and comment rows can be added.
Link Objectives with arrows to display Strategic Value Chains which mostly point upwards.

Balanced Scorecard Grid - How an Objective applies to a person.
Cascaded Objective C1 KPI or KRA or Target Measure Scores and Numeric Gauge
Provide quality solutions that satisfy all customer needs & requirements. Engage new customers through effective product placement & awareness. Percentage of customer registrations and repeat sales. Set the Scores correctly.
Encourage existing customers to buy again through consistently high product quality. Customer satisfaction through effective survey statistics. Use the Numeric Gauge as required.

Initiatives Grid - Gauges can drive Organizational Tree & Strategy Map WYSIWYG Gauges.
Initiatives for Cascaded Strategic Objective C1 Date Range Initiatives Gauge Finance/Numeric Columns
Collate and analyze all customer feedback and research into a primary internal resource. Jan-09 - Mar-09 Drive Gauge from Monthly Grids. 1,000,000.00
Educate and engage all staff with customer requirements and current satisfaction levels. Apr-09 - Jun-09 Can Manually Set & Lock Gauge Value. 2,000,000.00

Monthly Grids - These can be Gantt and/or Finance Grids.
Monthly Grid Column Headers | Jan-09 | Feb-09 | Mar-09 | Apr-09 | May-09 | Jun-09 |
Planned Monthly Values Set the Planned Monthly Values and get your Budget Finances approved.
Actual Monthly Values As the year rolls on, update your monthly Actual Values and publish the Actual/Planned values.
When the data is entered & checked, mark each month as Valid.
Gantt and/or Finance Grid Values Use the Planned, Actual or Actual/Planned values to drive the Initiatives Gauges which in turn can drive the higher level WYSIWYG gauges.

- In the examples above we use the term "Grid", which is an active table of data using variable cell styles and icons.