Ability to define Statements and Page Names:
The Software currently has seven pages. These are the Vision Mission page plus six other general purpose pages.
Each statement comprises a Label followed by the Statement Text, followed by the external document or website Link.
The Statement text has room for 250 characters, however it is important to keep the statement text as concise and brief as possible and less than 200 characters is desirable.
If your statement exceeds 250 characters then it does not adhere to current standards. It possibly has two or more parts rolled into the one phrase that could be re-worded and split in to different components thus providing cleaner focus.
There is the additional possibility of linking to an external clarification document.
"Vision Mission Statement Page:
The Vision Mission page has 7 main statements which might be typically called: Vision, Mission, Goal, Slogan, Market Segment, Notes and Comments. However you can rename these as you require, plus they can also be viewed and edited inside actual Strategy Map. In the example above where the statement is too long, the ability to rename the labels is useful. Often the Notes and Comments can be used as critical statements instead of just a sundry role. Four statements are provided for the SWOT Analysis. We have seen customers use these for other purposes and the heading "Swot Analysis" can be renamed as required.
Sundry Statement Pages:
The name of the page as well as the item labels can be changed along with the text and the external document link.
We have seen customers use this for topics such as Product warranties.
Statement Data Export:
The statement data can be exported from the Vision Mission module as well as from the Strategy Map Module.
In the Strategy Map module you can display and print all statement pages in the one document.