Using Simple KPI-only Reporting Software:

If you are using KPI Reporting software that supports the use of KPI statements in a single grid with associated Measures and Scores, then this is an excellent first step and you are to be congratulated.

However this can be likened to a reactive solution such as a motor car driver, who does not service their car. They save on the service costs but the engine uses more fuel, wears out and creates more pollution.

Hence it is important to recognise that the use of a fully aligned software system will ultimately provide better results.

The cost of NOT using our software can be extremely expensive, because this does not draw together employees that use the same Objective and hence Employee Collaboration is reduced.

It is an excellent move to bring together all employees that share a particular Objective.
It is absolutely fantastic when these group members can understand each other's KPI/KRA statements and hence discuss how to improve their common objective.
This is what you should regularly be doing.
Using Excel Spreadsheet based systems:
If you have created an excel system then this is a great first step.
However our system is application-specific concurrent multi-user software which allows you to focus solely on the task of creating your Strategy Map and Balanced Scorecard.

This can also have the motor car analogy because you can drive a multi-purpose sedan car on the beach, but a special purpose car is safer, more robust and ultimately more successful.