Free Software License Overview:
This software can be used for free by simply re-downloading when your temporary usage period expires. However the free usage comes with restrictions such as only one new Strategic Plan and Limited Employee count.
Normally when you download new software updates, your data is preserved.
So if you install an update, your data should still work correctly.
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Obtaining A Perpeptual Software License:
If you need to remove the Free Personal Version restrictions, you will need to purchase a software license.
When you do this we e-mail you, your own license file which you save onto your hard disk.
- Usually save it in a special folder in the My Documents area.
- You simply ask the software to search for the file and activate your license forever.
Credit Card Payments:   We email you your own license file as soon as we validate the payment.
Bank Transfer Payments:   These are processed as soon as the money arrives at our bank.
Activating Your Software License:
1. Save the supplied License file to your hard disk or memory stick.
  - If you received an Owner Logo File then save this file as well.
2. Start the software, login as usual and go to the License Tab.
3. If you have saved the file somewhere in My Documents or else the Desktop then click the appropriate button and the software will find the file.
4. If on a remote folder or drive then browse to locate the file.
5. Click the button that says to use the file.
6. Restart the Strategy Map Balanced Scorecard software and then check the license details when the software starts.
Strategy Map Balanced Scorecard - Activate Software License
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Change Data Source: (Multi-User Licenses only)
Edit Multi-User Mode Database Location Configuration File
If you want to use the software in Concurrent Multi-User mode then you will need to connect to a copy of the database on a shared hard drive.
This connection data is stored in the Database Configuration file and you can easily edit this on the screen of every required computer.
After making the change you will need to start the Strategy Map software as it reads the configuration file on startup.
Strategy Map Balanced Scorecard - Edit Configuration File
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