Variable Top-Down Structure Supports a Large Variety of Applications and Harvard University Standards.
This website has a strong Totally Free Educational Focus on Strategy Maps and Balanced Scorecards to describe that.

It is important to understand that the Harvard University differentiates between stages.
The Strategy Concept drives the Balanced Scorecard activity, which uses the Numeric Initiatives and Monthly Progress. All of these have Feedback Gauges.
Harvard University Standard
Visionary Goals -> Strategy Map Themes & Objectives ->
Balanced Scorecard -> Initiatives & Monthly, all with Feedback Gauges.
"Build your Own" Strategic Plan Database Structure
The structure of every Strategic Plan in every Organization can be as different as you want it to be.

In this system you can redefine every term and add many popular user-defined columns.

Examples: Review Dates, Notes, Milestones, Measures, Scores, External document links, Account codes, Budgets, Planned, Actual, Progress and many more.
Flexible and Adaptive "Top-Down" Software
You should never be forced to use any specific Planning or Scorecard Scheme, Terms or Names.

You can rename these standard terms differently to suit each Strategic Scheme, Project, Plan or Language.
The structure and terminology used for every strategic plan can be totally different.

Almost every planning method uses a top-down approach, which results in a one-to-many structure.
You should be able to use this software for almost any strategic or planning structure, simply by renaming all the terms.
You can thus contain them all inside the one software product.

The Multi-Level & Multi-Tiered Grid-Tree System has closed-loop score feedback up into the highest top levels.
This is known as Strategy Map WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get), because this measures the Strategic Process Success.

The 4-Tiered Strategy Map/Grid System
1.Visionary/Missionary, Value & Policy Statements.
2. Operational Themes Strategy Map Row.
3. Strategic Perspective Viewport Column.
4. Actual Strategic Objective Goals, in Map-Grid body.

Objectives are owned by the Strategic Perspective in Column-1.
Objectives can be linked with Arrows to show Cause-Effect and Theme Allocation.
All of these levels can be Renamed and Used as required.
4-Tiered Divisional Branch & Employee/Worker Tree Structure.
5. Organisation or Project Name Employee Location, division, branchVisionary/Missionary, Value and Policy Statements Grid.
6. Division or Department Name.
7. Employee/Worker Supervisor.
8. Employee/Worker Details.

Each Division Department and supervisor owns all of the Employees/Workers Objectives and Measures.
Each Department and Supervisor Goals and Objectives are those which are defined below inthe tree.
This allows easy restructuring, growth and down-sizing simply by moving employees around in the tree.
Objectives can be linked with Arrows to show Cause-Effect and Theme Allocation.
All of these levels can be Renamed and Used as required.
3-Tiered Balanced Scorecard Objective/Goal KPI/KRA system with Initiatives, Monthly Grids & Measure Feedback loops.
9. Objectives/Goals Grid with automatic column One-to-many text-matched cell-merge system.
10. Initiatives/Actions Grid, also with automatic column One-to-many text-matched cell-merge system..
11. Initiatives Monthly Grid System with score/gauge values.

The software provides Strategy Map WYSIWYG "Closed-Loop-Feedback, where every score/gauge value is averaged back up through the entire structure and into the Perspectives and Themes.
Hence, you can create totally different structured and labelled systems, that suit and measure your purpose.
In addition to the Third Generation Strategy Map Balanced Scorecard Standard, you can add in essential additional business features, whilst retaining the ability to incorporate Six Sigma, Lean Thinking & other models.

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Our goal is that as many people as possible should learn to understand and use Strategic Planning, before attempting any major task.
Almost every Organisation will benefit from the use of Structured Strategic Planning.
When constructing a building it is essential to create and approve a series of plans - this is the same for all major tasks.
 -   Because the concept does not have physical walls and doors, does not justify the lack of a structured planning facility.
 -   The amount of planning depends on the goal complexity.
 -   There is always the need to communicate, share & measure, the Processes Used and the Final Goal.