Operational Themes exist at the most basic success-factor level.   They are potentially what every business or person has.
Typically Organisations have Themes when they want to Focus on Specific High-Priority Operational Areas such as Operations and Research.
While these improvements may be urgent, they may not themselves be actual Operational Themes, such as How, What & Where.

A Pro Golf Player Themes Example.
Basic How & What Operational Themes.
Basic Theme-Related Perspectives.
Themes -> Downstream Aspects and Considerations.
The Common Strategic Applications.
Consider making one or two of your bigger Strategic Objectives as actual Themes.
Some Organisations may actually have 3 Themes.
The Golf Player Revisited.
Some Example Strategic Themes: Or possible Objectives, depending on their Status & Application.
We cannot provide large numbers of Theme Examples here, because the variations are too large.
Improve our Current Products Improve our Current Service Create New Products
Create New Services More Innovation More Growth
Improve Efficiency Community Engagement Better Strategic Focus
Greater Functional Awareness Operational Excellence Improved Visualisations
Safer Handling Increased Consumption Improved User Satisfaction
Operational Ability Better Organised Functions Increased Organised Functions
Manages Organised Functions Strong Ledership More Compassion
Improved Content Exclusive Content Good Listening
Ease of Use New Services Great Integration
Value for money