Strategy Map Module:
Features Benefits
Ability to display and edit all the primary Vision/Mission Statements. Provides a more complete picture and allows the statements to be altered in the context of the Strategic Intent.
Ability to display the Company Logo inside the map. Provides improved corporate identity.
Perspective Row Aligned flowchart with the ability to have up to 9 rows. Existing Perspective rows can be duplicated and additional Perspectives can be added.
Ability to add Descriptive Notes and Destination Statements to each Objective. These items are required under the Stage 3 Balanced Scorecard Definitions. These terms can be renamed in the Options Module and some organizations perfer to use the labels Cause and Effect.
Ability to add Descriptive Notes to the Perspective Label. Some customers use this statement as the Perspective Purpose.
Ability to display averaged Objective Gauges beside the Objective inside the Map. Provides the essential closed loop feedback called strategy Map WYSIWYG. These gauge values can also be weighted.
Ability to display the Objective Grid for the selected Objective. Provides a view of the Objective Usage. If Gauges are used a picture of the averaged Objective Gauge value is established.
Ability to display all Strategic Statements including the Vision/Mission and all the other statement pages. More information is available when building or evaluating the Strategy Map.
Ability to display all Balanced Scorecard Column Lists. It is essential to be able to view these lists from inside the Strategy Map work space.
Ability to highlight Strategic Value Chains actually inside the Map. By clicking on any Objective, the software follows the arrows and highlights all arrows and Objectives that the arrows reach.
On Screen Help on tips for creating a Strategy Map. New Strategy Map designers can check these items for some advice.