Startup Module Concepts:
Features Benefits
The software comes as a modular system controlled by a single Startup program in which Strategic Plans are viewed in a relational structure. Strategic Plans can be structured to have a Parent-Child relationship.
The software modules are run as seperate executable programs. The modules are all able to be running at the same time. It is not necessary to close down one module before starting up another.
The software is an adaptable and practical system that can be easily adapted to a variety of Strategic Planning schemes. Virtually anything in the Strategic Plan can be relabelled or redefined.
Each Strategic Plan can be designed differently with up to 20 user-defined & selectable grid table columns. Every Strategic Plan is different. Special purpose columns can be added to the Grid Tables.
Startup Module Functions:
Features Benefits
The Startup program has 5 executable modules which include Vision/Mission, Strategy Map, Balanced Scorecard, Drill-Down Cross-Reference & System Options. Modules are easy to select and are internally linked whilst representing a natural management partition.
New Strategic Plans can be created using the New Strategic Plan Wizard. The Wizard has a flow-chart linked button interface that allows the user to easily jump around between screens and makes the job of creating a New Strategic Plan very easy.
Strategic Plans are shown in a relational tree structure and can be moved around in the tree. It is possible to define a parent-child relationship between Strategic Plans that can be used to create a Head Office - Branch Office relationship.
Entire Strategic Plans can be Copied and Deleted as required. Allows more flexibility when duplicating Strategic Plans.
The XML Services allows easy Importing and Exporting of our Strategic Plans. Strategic Plans can be copied between databases in a format that is accepted by email systems and firewalls as being totally safe to use. The XML export also provides a valuable alternate backup facilty.
A database Integrity Checker is provided that checks the relationships between the various database objects and also updates running totals and gauge averages. Provides assurance that your database is in good condition. If there are any issues it shows where any errors lie.
The Log File Screen shows all major events that have occurred with each database. Provides security of operation as well as tracing when changes were made.
The File based backup allows quick backups to be done (MS-Acess connections only). The backup only takes a few seconds and the backup destination folder can easily be changed.
The Office-2007 Visual Style allows choice of the required Visual Style. Provides the ability to change the color scheme in the ribbon as well as other background colors. These changes are applied throughout all modules.