Export to Grid Module:
Features Benefits
Most data including the Grids and Organizational tree view can be copied to the Export Grid. Provides a convenient compact output form where no other exists.
The Export Grid provides an alternate output form to the Grid Preview Facility. If the preview facility does not suit your requirements, chances are that the Export Grid will.
The Export columns can be switched on and off and the column widths and locations can be dragged left or right using the mouse. This allows you to easily change the exported data without changing the source data.
The Grid width can be changed which can be used to set some output document sizes. Every exported grid width is different and you can adapt the displayed width.
The Grid provides alternate output forms to the Preview facility. Our objective was to provide a multitude of export formats. The Preview and the Export each has their own exported document quality levels.
The Grid Header text can be changed to better suit the exported data description. The software does its best to get the grid labels correct, however you can change this if you want.
The Actual Grid to be Exported is set by the Grid that has been given focus by clicking on the grid cell. Allows quick designation of the grid or tree view to be exported.