Export to Graph-Chart Module:
Features Benefits
The Graph-Chart module will surprise you with its powerful instant grid column aggregation ability, plus the ability to select from several chart formats and types. A lot of work is done to input the data and you deserve as many output formats as possible.
Three Chart orientations are provided. Vertical and Horizontal Axes can be swapped.
The Legend and the Horizontal Axis can be swapped.
The chart values can be stacked.
Six chart types are available. You can instantly choose from Bar, Line, Step, Area, Pie and Radar.
3 Dimensional effect can be switched on. 3D provides improved visual ability, especially when the graph has a lot of columns or series items.
The Transparency, 3D Axis Depth and Orientation can be easily changed. These can be changed simply by moving a Slider Bar and improves the overall presentation effect.
Original Grid column aggregation can be instantly changed simply by selecting from a drop-down box. When you chart the Objective or Initiative grids the column properties are retained and you can instantly aggregate the displayed chart data.
This provides an extremely powerful means to chart the data.
Chart Labelling can easily be changed. The software does its best to get the labels correct, however you may want to change the on screen text labels.
Data Labelling can easily be changed. Labels can be positioned on the chart for the graph Values, Series or Columns.
A Chart Column Filter is provided. This quickly allows the columns to be displayed or hidden.
A Chart Series Filter is provided. This quickly allows the series items to be displayed or hidden.
The company Owner Logo can be displayed on the chart and moved to different positions on the chart. Provides improved corporate identity and alignment.
A variety of Chart Export formats are available. You can select several export types.
This also includes using the Preview facility which has the ability to save a file in many formats.