Drill-Down Cross-Reference Module:
Features Benefits
Cross Referencing is provided for all Primary Organizational components. You can cross-reference by Regions, Departments and Employees (similar to what you do in the Balanced Scorecard Module).
All List Based Columns in both the Objecties and Initiatives Grid can be Cross-Referenced. For example if your design has a column for 'Review Date' you could see all entries for a particular review date.
Numeric values in the Initiatives Grid can be Cross-Referenced. You can see all entries where numeric column values are within a specifc range. Some examples could be Profit or Actual/Planned Expense.
Employee Collaboration is greatly enhanced. Employees are always both surprised and motivated when they find out who else in an organization is also working towards the same objectives.
Hence they can easily collaborate with everyone else who is also contributing to each critical function.
The Cross-Referencing output uses the same Display and Cell-Merging table format as the Balanced Scorecard. This provides a natural extension to the Balanced Scorecard module.
Data can be averaged for merged cells giving a variety of analysis snapshots, as in the Balanced Scorecard module.
The same Graphical Output, Preview and Export is available as in the Balanced Scorecard. Employees do not have to learn how to use yet another computer program.