List of all Software Requests, Fixes and releases:

Module Version 7.2 Build 5771 published October 2015. Done
Gauge Lists There was an error in the Gauge Lists system which caused some of the data to become confused. October 21

Module Version 7.1 Build 5738 published September 2015. Done
Strategy Start We have made the software much faster by altering the module structure.
The software modules used to be seperate executables which meant that it was always possible to go back to the startup module.
However this caused the Startup as well as the other modules to be extremely slow to load.
The new Version 7 structure has every screen owned by the StartUp Module and hence the system runs much faster.
September 17

Module Version 6.9 Build 5548 published March 2015. Done
Scorecard We have added a free KPI/KRA Library into the Balanced Scorecard Module March 11

Module Version 6.8 Build 4954 published July 2013. Done
StrategyStart We have added a database pack facility to the Integrity Checker Tab.
The need for this Pack facility is primarily driven by how much record deletion has been done and/or
if the StrategyKpi application has crashed leaving a Database Operation only partly completed,
and thus requiring a pack to free it.
July 25

Module Version 6.7 Build 4838 published March 2013. Done
StrategyMap When users clicked on the Visionary Statements the display arrow facility switched into Theme Mode.
This was quite annoying and has now been fixed so that the display only switches to Display Theme Arrows Mode when you actually click on the Themes.
This bug was actually created a couple of months ago when the Strategy Map code was modified to fix another issue, so if you were not using one of the recent builds then you would not have seen this problem.
March 31

Module Version 6.6 Build 4756 published January 2013. Done
Scorecard Improved Error Checking for Grid Mouse Click Events.
A bug on the Clear Button inside the Date Setting Screen Control was fixed.
January 8

Module Version 6.6 Build 4748 published December 2012. Done
Scorecard Improved Error Checking.
We have used the Error Handler that was created for V7 or our software and partially incorporated this in the current version 6.6
December 31

Module Version 6.6 Build 4649 published September 2012. Done
Strategy Map This module has been totally restructured to be compatible with Version 7.
The Display-only, Edit and other Data components have been seperated so that it is ready for V7 which will allow Read-Only operation for some users depending on their status as determined by their password controlled login.
September 20
Startup Initial work done to enable an entire website to be created at the click of a button.
A static XML/HTML website will be created for the selected Strategic Plan so that the Plan data wcan be viewed using an Internet Browser on the public Internet or private IntraNet.
This is yet another Version 7 facility that we are adding in to V6, so that when V7 is available it will look much the same but have a different database which will allow us to continue with valuable improvements.
This valuable Create Website feature is UNDER CONSTRUCTION and we hope to have it available soon as we expect it to be very popular.
September 23

Module Version 6.5 Build 4601 published August 2012. Done
Vision Mission Value Statement Label Text Length increased to 50 characters as requested by Husky Energy August 8
Install The previous build did not set the folder permissions correctly.
Hence new installations could not open the database files if they did not click on the [Next] button in the popup permissions window.
August 8

Module Version 6.5 Build 4441 published February 2012. Done
All Modules We have released a build that uses the VistaDb database from as the embedded datatase system.
This is a non-Microsoft database but which is written using Microsoft Visual Studio and runs under the Microsoft Dot Net Framework.
February 28
All Modules The Build 4441 with the VistaDb Embedded database is now our primary download.
The build that uses the dbJet MS-Acess database engine has been retired. However if necessary, we may release a build that uses the dbJet MS-Acess database engine.
All users can migrate to the VistaDb enbedded version by exporting their strategic plans to XML format before installing the current build. After installing then import the XML file into the newly installed software build.

This does not affect Licensed MS-SQL users unless they need to Opt-out and connect to a private database file.
31 March

Module Version 6.5 Build 4356 published December 5th 2011 with these issues added or fixed. Done
All Modules Computer corruption to our MSI file system causes us to publish a software build that Windows was unable to run.
The exact cause if this is unknown but we believe that it is linked to the failed upgrade of our development computer from Windows Vista to Windows 7 in late October which took Microsoft 3 days to fix.
December 6 Our special thanks go out to the developers and managers at who provide all our software tools and gave us special assistance and support on this issue.
These people are undoubtedly the world's best supplier of third party software tools and they offer an excellent product spectrum. for software developers.
Frankly we would not be in existence if it were not for this facility which provides a clear level of quality above that offered by the standard Microsoft tools.
So next time you are using our software please remember that a lot of the screen controls are provided by and that this is responsible for the look, feel and operation of our software.

Module Version 6.5 Build 4315 published October 25th 2011 with these issues added or fixed. Done
European Numbers Problems with the financial data not being saved in the Balanced Scorecard Edit Mode when used in European Number format have been fixed.
The problem was caused by the thousands "group" period seperator in number formats such as 12.345,67 and when the number was retrieved it was interpreted as 12.34567.
October 28
European Numbers A similar problen occurred in the Strategy Map when the font size was saved.
There is a facility to change the Objective Font size as well as other properties such as color.
The font was saved as something like 8,25 which when retrieved was taken as 825. This caused the font to look extremely large and the map formatting was ruined.
We have fixed this problem and also prevented the maximum font size from exceeding 24 points.
October 28

Module Version 6.5 Build 4315 published October 25th 2011 with these issues added or fixed. Done
Strategy Map Intermittent Error in Strategy Map Module Startup was fixed.
The reported error was that the RibonCombBox.SelectedIndex value was out of range and was caused by us attempting to set the gauge drop down box selected index to 5 when the maximum was 4.
October 25
Splash Startup Adjustments made to the splash screen Icon plus the Icon on the Startup module to be fully compatible with Windows 7. October 25

Module Version 6.5 Build 4247 published August 18th 2011 with these issues added or fixed. Done
Startup Splash screen has been added because the first time the software is started th eload time can be excessive because the dot net framework needs to setup a data structure. August 18

Module Version 6.5 Build 4239 published August 10th 2011 with these issues added or fixed. Done
Scorecard Status messages plus the Hourglass or Wait cursor added to the Duplicate a Tree Node function. August 10
Scorecard Status message added to the Update Initiative or Monthly grid when the Objectives grid gauges was recalculated. August 9

Module Version 6.5 Build 4228 published July 30th 2011 with these issues added or fixed. Done
Scorecard With some data combinations the gantt grid rows were not displayed correctly. July 30
Grid Filter When the Weighting column was defined but the show checkbox was not clicked, the Objectives grid filder did not display correctly.
As a temporary measure we have ignored this checkbox setting so that the weighting column always shows if is has been defined.
July 30

Module Version 6.4 Build 4187 published June 20 2011 with these issues added or fixed. Done
All Modules We have produced and released a version that uses the 64 bit VistaDb database system from Gibralta Software.
In this version we have also set the Processor type to be "Any CPU" whichmeans that it can run in 64 bit mode.
However if you have existing data in the msAccess database system then you will need to export this to an XML file before installing the 64 bit version.
June 20
Scorecard There was a bug in the add Country/State/Region where the software produced an error if the address details were not entered.
This should have only been a warning and the software has now been changed to do this.
June 20

Module Version 6.4 Build 4184 published June 17 2011 with these issues added or fixed. Done
All Modules General Testing and fixing of minor errors and refinements.
We are now working on Version 7 with a totally new database design, however the screens will not be changing except for the addtional facilities that the new database design can bring.
June 17

Module Version 6.3 Build 4183 published June 15 2011 with these issues added or fixed. Done
Strategy Map Objective and Initiative Gauge Charts located inside the actual Strategy Map Objectives.
These charts show as a background for each Objective Text and can be formatted or transparent as required.
The Themes aggregate the Objective and Initiative Gauge Values to provide a chart containing all Objectives that are linked to each Theme.
June 15

Module Version 6.2 Build 4178 published June 10 2011 with these issues added or fixed. Done
Strategy Map Full support for Strategic Themes with relationships to Objectives established by drawing arrows, similar to normal Objective links. June 10
Balanced Scorecard Full support for Strategic Themes incorporating them into the Objectives Grid. June 10
Startup Integrity Checker was not checking Objective to Strategy Map links correctly. This has been disabled and will be fixed soon.
XML Export and Import did not work correctly after the change to the Ribbon Control.
June 3
Strategy Map Provision for improved Gauge display with Numeric values below.
Themes show all their own objectives as determined by the objective arrow links.
Gauge values are aggregated into Perspectives and Themes.
June 10

Module Version 6.1 Build 4168 published May 31 2011 with these issues added or fixed. Done
Strategy Map Improvements to Box and Arrow Drawing plus one mouse click bug fixed. May 31
All 32 Modules More testing and fixing of problems which occurred as a result of the major changes made to the Ribbon and the Screen Controls that it contains. May 30
All 32 Modules Considerable improvements to all sections of the software to take advantage of the latest software components.
The number of actual improvements made are simply too many to mention.
May 30

Module Version 6.1 Build 4166 published May 29 2011 with these issues added or fixed. Done
Install Process Fine tune the Install Process for Version 6 operation.
The software still had the V5 Series information stamped on it.
May 29
All 32 Modules More Testing and Minor Adjustments. May 29

Module Version 5.8 Build 4148 published May 11 2011 with these issues added or fixed. Done
Balanced Scorecard Specific support added in the Numeric/Finance grid for budgetry control by providing the cvapability to drive the gauges from either the income progress or the expense/budget usage.
It is possible to have two budget rows for the one Initiative, or one can be income and the other expense as you require.
May 11
Balanced Scorecard Testing revealed several minor issues which have been fixed and are too numerous to detail here. May 11
Drill Down Dashboard The searches for different Container nodes such as Regions or Departments were not working correctly because of a concept error in the software. For example, when one Region was read and then a second Region was read, the second displayed data replaced the first displayed data. May 3
Drill Down Dashboard The Grid Text Zoom control was difficult to use and gave the impresion that it was not working.
It and has now been made easier to use, plus it works correctly, it saves the settings in the user's profile.
May 3
Strategy Map Unused or Phantom Example Objectives that we introduced from the Model Strategic Plan were not removed. There were objectives in tne Model Plan which were set to display before the row count was changed.
Hence this was actually an error in the Model Plan (from which all Strategic Plans are created).
The Model Plan in the database was fixed and any Phanton Objectives that are in invisible rows were set to be deleted.
May 4
Balanced Scorecard The whole of Tree Import had a bug in that it cound not always back-track on the tree level. May 3
All Modules More Testing to be done May 4th and a new build will be provided. May 4

Module Version 5.8 Build 4137 published April 30 2011 with these issues added or fixed. Done
Balanced Scorecard The number of Container Tree Node types (like Regions and Departments) has been increased to 5 Types.
(The node type names can be changed in the Options module).
It is also possible to change the node type for any container nodes, so a Region could be changed to a State Office (or whatever you wanted to call them).
April 28
Strategy Map The ability to show gauges for the perspectives has been added.
Hence you can now show gauges for both the Objectives and Perspectives at the one time, however when you enter Strategic Value Chains mode the perspective gauges are removed.
April 30
Balanced Scorecard In the previous version we added the capability to say that an Objective or Initiative Gauge was invalid and should not be used to average into the gauge level above.
There was a bug reported in the calculation of these averages into the Strategy Map which was due to a problem with the Microsoft Access database system. This error was not seen in the MS-SQL database system.
The error in the MS-Access (dbJet) database module has now been fixed.
April 30
This Website This website menus have been changed so that the drop down items are controlled by the mouse-over position.
Hence it is possible to get a very quick knowledge of the entire website and valuable screen area is not used on the sub-menu.
April 20

Module Version 5.7 Build 4097 published March 21 2011 with these issues fixed. Done
Balanced Scorecard There was a bug in the Initiatives Grid Rating-Gauge-Locked checkbox, in that it did not always save correctly. Mar 10
Balanced Scorecard The Gauges in both the Objectives and Initiatives Grids now have the capability of signalling that their data is invalid for averaging purposes.
Hence it is now possible to stop the gauge value from averaging back into the Strategy Map and Organizational Tree.
So if the gauge value is Zero (because it simply has not yet been calculated), then this does not detract from the overall aggregate value.
Mar 15
Balanced Scorecard The Display Grid data has been changed to allow for a Level to be set which can control the reporting depth.
This Level is the left->right position in the Organizational Tree.
A region can be selected for display, but the data shown can be restricted to any level of tree nodes, as required.
If NO subordinate level filter is applied:
- the Region data display will show ALL data,
   - but the Employee subordinate display shows ONLY that employee's data (No subordinates).
Mar 17
Balanced Scorecard It is possible to set an Objectives or Initiatives Gauge value by using the drop-down list (which can then be locked).
Previously only values in increments of 10% were possible.
This has been changed to increments of 5% (which is the current gauge needle accuracy).
Mar 18

Module Version 5.6 Build 4002 published December 16 2010 with these issues fixed. Done
Strategy Map Under some regional settings, the software had an error when clicking on the [Use Fonts] button.
This should now be fixed.
Dec 16
Strategy Map The Feedback Gauge Icons are shown inside the Strategy Map by clicking on the Gauge toggle-button in the Display Tab. When this button state is reset they dissappear.
Recent changes to the software meant that Strategy Map was not always redrawn when the button state was reset.
We have now fixed this error.
Dec 16
Strategy Map The Gauge now shows in the Objective boxes in "Text overlay" mode as the default setting.
it is easily changed to Left-Right justified mode and this preference is remembered until the module is closed.
Dec 16

Module Version 5.6 Build 3951 published October 26 2010 with these issues fixed. Done
Strategy Map Arrow Properties pickup now working correctly when an exisitng arrow is clicked on.
Please note that you can only pickup an existing arrow when you click on the spacer row. To Pickup an arrow drawn between Objectives on the same row ( = horizontal arrow) then please use the alternate method of clicking on the source and right-clicking on the destination.
Oct 19
Export to Graph The Gauge/Rating columns (Icon, Weighting and Lists) for both the Objectives and Initiatives Grids have been added to the drop-down aggregation list in the Export To Graph/Chart module.
Hence users can now aggregate the chart on these columns which is an extremely powerful facility.
Oct 19
Export to Graph The Gauge/Rating columns have been added as a data column in the chart.
Hence users can now show this column in the chart.
Oct 26
Preview Reports We have added Chart drawing to the Preview Report system.
As of the release date of this version, this is still under construction. This will be completed soon and will provide a powerful reporting system.
Oct 19

Module Version 5.5 Build 3928 published October 3 2010 with these issues fixed. Done
All Modules Minor improvements made to the Preview Reports and Chart Origin.
Several other minor improvements were also made.
Oct 3

Module Version 5.5 Build 3925 published September 30 2010 with these issues fixed. Done
All Modules We have released the latest build of V5.5 which is the final version in the current V4/V5 series.

1. The Report Preview module has been improved and is now working much faster.
There is still a problem when saving reports in certain file formats (such as TIFF) so we suggest that users consider using the GridExport facility which provides a better quality image of each grid.
2. In some languages, there was an error in the Monthly Grid Chart which was caused by a modification that we made to the software approximately 2 months ago.
3. The Chart export Y-Axis Origin facility now works correctly, plus you can change the Y-Axis to a logarithmic scale.
4. Many other minor improvements have been made and we expect to release another one or two builds of V5.5 in the next week or two.
Sept 30

Module Version 5.4 Build 3919 published September 24 2010 with these issues fixed. Done
All Modules We have released the latest build of V5.4 after 2 months intensive work in which we made major improvements to all modules.
1. The Report Preview module is now working ok, and we hope to make improvements to this before the end of September.
2. Numerous other problems and bugs were fixed including grid totals and column sorting.
3. The latest version of the Grid software has also been installed.

Module Version 5.4 Build 3840 published July 7 2010 with enhanced Gauge Lists. Done
Scorecard, Dashboard & Options Gauge Lists improved so that any number of lists can be defined and added to the Objectives and Initiatives Grid Rows.
If required, it is possible to have a different Gauge List on every row of these grids.

Gauge Lists provide the capability of displaying text according to the feedback performance gauge value in increnemts of 5%.

Management is done in the Options Module and a facility to import items into a list has been provided.

Cross Referencing has been provided in the Drill-Down Dashboard module for both the Objectives and Initiatives Grids.
July 7

Module Version 5.3 Build 3833 published June 30 2010 with these issues fixed. Done
StrategyMap Improvements to Strategy Map module:
1. Ability to click directly on a arrow (previously you needed to define the source and destination objectives).
2. Much Improved reporting and image exporting.
June 30

Module Version 5.2 Build 3821 published June 18 2010 with these issues fixed. fixed
Scorecard Edit A bug in Scorecard Edit Mode Date-Range and Weighted Rating Gauge caused a crashing problem when only one of Gantt and Numeric Grids were selected in the Options Module.
When Initiative Rating-Gauge Weighting was being used, the value was not being saved correctly and the Objectives Grid Gauge was not averaging correctly.
This bug was reported yesterday by users in both Australia & Brazil and was fixed within 24 hours.
June 18

Module Version 5.2 Build 3819 published June 16 2010 with these issues fixed. When fixed
Scorecard & Dashboard Tree Display when Exported had node lines upside down.
This is now fixed and Tree Display Options have been added.
June 16
Options Numeric Grid Usege checkbox had lost it's event vector.
This facility now works and further testing will be done next week.
June 16

Module Version 5.2 Build 3815 published June 12 2010 with these issues fixed. When fixed
Scorecard & Dashboard Ribbon Based Multi Grid Preview reporting system added. June 12
Export to Grid Treeview Grid reporting was improved and Style Selection was added.
A bug report containing remaining issues was sumbitted to
June 12

Module Version 5.1 Build 3777 published May 5 2010 with these issues fixed. When fixed
Scorecard Monthly Grid format error with % values detected and repaired. May 6
Scorecard Chart Graphs not always showing plotted data. (Repair work in progress) To be advised.

Module Version 5.1 Build 3772 published April 30 2010 with these issues fixed. When fixed
Vision/Mission Improvements to the look of the screen and buttons. April 30 2010
All Modules Ability to incorporate Gauge Lists in the software.
The dashboard can also cross-reference on these Gauge Lists as well as the Rating.
A Weighting column also added to the Initiatives Grid and this is used when averaging the Initiative Gauges to drive the Objectives Gauge value.
April 30 2010
Export to Grid Grid Styles and colors have ben added so that the export grid canbe formatted in f=different ways. April 30 2010
Startup XML Prefix migration changed, various other minor improvements. April 30 2010
Strategy Map Ability to show Descriptive Grid Headers when displaying scorecard Information. April 24 2010
Strategy Map Ability to set the Objective Text Fonts and Colors, plus the ability to define Themes. April 24 2010
Scorecard The Edit Mode screen columns positions were never set as per the Options Column Setings.
These columns are now in the correct order, so they are the same in both Edit and Display modes.
April 24 2010
Options Options module re-written to use the Ribbon control.
Ability to set the GaugeList text items.
April 24 2010
All Modules More major improvements are planned for April/May 2010 which will complete the version 4 series. April/May 2010

Module Version 4.8 Build 3708 published February 25 2010 with these issues fixed. When fixed
All Modules Preview facility was not working correctly on some computers. February 25 2010
Strategy Map There was a bug in the Map software which introduced by program changes in late 2009. When changing the Objective Statements the Save Changes button did not always light.
Our apologies for introducing this bug and have fixed it now.
February 1 2010
Strategy Map Improved automatic arrows. The way the arrows draw between Objectives has improved.
Also it is easier to align objectives and obtain vertical arrows.
February 11 2010

Module Version 4.8 Build 3637 published December 16 with these issues fixed. When fixed
Numeric Monthly Grid When using the Scorecard Monthly Nnumeric grid in Currency mode, the code that converts the raw data to some regional currency values sometimes returned a zero value.
This caused currency monthly data to be visible in the edit grid but not in the display grids.
December 16 2009
Strategy Map Panel Export The Export-to-Panel is now working from inside the Strategy Map Module.
Please note that if you want to export an auxiliary grids to the Panel this must be done through the Export-To-Grid facility.
December 16 2009
Import Owner Logo The facility that licensed users needed to locate their OwnerLogo file was not always showing the actual Logo.
If you were not able to import your OwnerLogo file then please re-run the Locate License file facility, or else copy your OwnerLogo file into the Program Files\AppliedPC\StrategyMapScorecard folder.
December 16 2009

Module Version 4.8 Build 3632 published December 11 with these issues fixed. When fixed
Gauge symbols We have improved the look of all the speedometer type gauges throughout the system.
These modules now have improved gauges: Balanced Scorecard, Strategy Map and Drill-Down dashboard.
December 11 2009
Checkbox Symbols We have also improved some of the checkbox symbols.
In the Strategy Map where the Vision/Mission statements were selectede by pressing a toggle button, we have added a checked symbol to make it more clear that this item is selected.
Similarly in the Balanced Scorecard with the List Management selection buttons.
December 11 2009

Module Version 4.8 Build 3627 published December 6 with these issues fixed. When fixed
StrategyMap Setup The software installation is now fuly compatible with the Windows Vista and Windows 7 User Access Control. This is because the installer now sets the permissions of the folder to enable write access.
Hence users can now operate the software with User Access Control enabled.
December 6 2009

Module Version 4.7 Build 3597 published November 6 with these issues fixed (either in this release or in previous build releases). When fixed
Multi-Image Panel A new facilty that allows you to combine multiple images in different sorts of ways has been published. (This was requested by Siemens Germany). November 6 2009
Predefined Column Widths Balanced Scorecard Module column widths can now be set in the column filter screens.
Just drag the column width to the pixel value that you want. (Also requested by Siemens Germany).
November 6 2009
Scorecard Display Bug A major bug in the Gantt Monthly Grids was reported today by Bogota in Columbia and was immediately fixed.
When numeric monthly data was read the first value was being added to the last value. example: [22|33|44] became [22|33|4422]
November 6 2009
Display Code Rewrite The Balanced Scorecard Grid display code was totally re-structured and rewritten to make the software faster and more reliable. October 2009

Module Version 4.6 Build 3520 published August 21 with these issues fixed (either in this release or in previous build releases). When fixed
New Plan Wizard Bug with Weighting Column when no Objectives grid Gauge Column was used.
This error message prevents the New Plan from being created.
Aug 18 2009
New Plan Wizard Project plans and Assett Management plans modes enabled. Aug 18 2009
Scorecard Icon and Support for both Project Plans and Assett Manager application. Aug 15 2009
Scorecard An Initiatives grid cell is shown as selected when the new edit-mode grid is drawn. Aug 15 2009
Scorecard Provide Edit Mode: Copy, Cut and Paste facilities for Initiative Grid Rows. Aug 15 2009
Export to Grid Buttons that select [All] or [None] have been added to the Row and Column filters. Aug 14 2009
Export To Grid Add New Export to XHTML facility.
This is common text that is formatted using XML markup tags and looks much neater than ordinary HTML.
Existing Hypertext Links from the grid are now available as links and gauges have the % symbol added to their value.
Export to HTML was also Improved.
Aug 14 2009
Export to Grid Employee Role Statement not always showing in Export Grid when scorecard data was exported from Scorecard Module. Aug 14 2009
Export To Grid Export Focus Group not showing correctly at times.
Clicking on each display control now sets the Export-to-Grid source as well as the Zoom Focus Zone.
The Organizational Tree now has its own Export Button.
Aug 14 2009

Module Version 4.5 Build 3499 published July 31 with these issues fixed Status
Drill-Down Dashboard Combined Search (Search 1 data PLUS Search 2 data) was not working correctly.
Additional Search tabs were added to show what will be available with Version 5 searching.
Drill-Down Dashboard Perspective and Objective search was not working correctly on all computers.
An Extra [Read Data] button was also provided, (instead of just relying on Drop Down List selection).
Options Checkbox Void Symbols not always cancelling on some computers. Fixed
Strategy Map 3rd Generation Statements were not displaying correctly on some computers. Fixed
New Strategic Plan Wizard Create New Plan button remained disabled when wizard was re-launched after the first new plan had been created. Fixed
New Strategic Plan Wizard Initiative Grid Cell Display Options did not always show correctly on some computer screens. Fixed

Module Version 4.5 Build 3472 published July 4 with these issues fixed Status
Strategy Map Save Changes button was not lighting when Perspective row was changed To/From Info-Only row. Fixed
Scorecard Edit Mode: Not copying Numeric Values into Monthly grids. Fixed
Scorecard Able to enter decimal numbers into the Monthly Grids. Fixed

Module Version 4.5 Build 3452 published June 14 with these issues fixed Status
Scorecard Copy and Paste Tree Node failed under some conditions. Fixed
Scorecard Problems reported when entering Budget Column Data in European Currency Styles. Fixed
New Plan Wizard Remove Monthly Planning facility and provide general monthly help information. Done
Options Rewrite Monthly Planning Screens to make this usage much easier to understand and use. Done
Scorecard Rewrite Monthly Planning Grid Editing system and align with changes to the Options Module. Done
Scorecard Rewrite Monthly Planning Display screens and check all column and row totals. Done
StrategyMap Provide improved Grid Layout and remove the end-cell extend-to-border property. Done
StrategyMap Provide ability to move a whole row left or right. Done
StrategyMap Fix problem with Information Row not moving up and down correctly. Fixed
Dashboard Provide Dual-Search facility with ability to combine searches as either a join or a search within results. Done
StrategyMap Provide facility to have a single line Gray text tag at the bottom row of the Strategy Map, to be used for Copyright or other confidentiality style message. Done
Dashboard Apply changes to Display logic that were made in the Scorecard Module. Done
Licensing For the Free Personal version License the maximum of 6 employees in any one Organizational Tree rule was not being correctly enforced. Fixed

April 22 - Release V4.4 Build 3399 published on the web server with these items fixed.
Export XML Final export path did not register a typed-in Folder Name. Fixed
Scorecard New Initiatives Grid Row Text was not formatted for easy reading. Fixed
Scorecard Gauge nummeric values need to be always visible in edit mode. Done
Scorecard Gauge Updates not working correctly when month count = 1"; Fixed
Strategy Map Information Row causing confusion. Add "i" symbol into column 0. Done
Strategy Map Need to be able to park or hide the cursor as well as column 0 when printing. Done
Strategy Map Need to hide column zero (the row-height adjustment column) when printing or exporting. Done
D-D Dashboard Numeric drop-down panel not available. Numeric search cannot tolerate commas in number. Done

April 14 - Release V4.4 Build 3391 published on the web server with these items fixed.
Monthly Grids Improved handling of Monthly Grid when Invalid Rows and %-only cells are present. Done
Personal Logo Text Quality Improved. Done

April 10 - Release V4.4 Build 3387 published on the web server with these items fixed.
Licensing Facility for Single User License available at a cheaper price. Done
Monthly Grids A bug has been found when showing totals row and % column data exists. Fixed
Export to Grid Improved Grid Column Balancing required. Done
Export Grid Row Filter on/off capability. Done

March 26 - Release V4.4 Build 3372 published on the web server with these items fixed.
Export Documents Export facility needs to check if the folder already exists and give a create folder option. Done
StrategyMap Ability to adjust height of Strategy Map Rows plus the width of Perspective Column. Done
StrategyMap Ability to have objective gauge blend with text when displaying Objective WYSIWYG gauges. Done
Startup Module Backup did not allow filename to be changed. Fixed
Scorecard List Editing Add Mode Button Sticks ON. Fixed
Export to Grid CSV Export Text Buffer not always cleared before text is exported. Fixed
Export to Grid HTML Export export Grid Header is black. Fixed
Export to Grid File Write does not check if file already exists. Fixed
Preview Update system to latest version of Preview-SaveAs. Done
Scorecard List Item Update On-the-fly fails if done immediately after an Add. Fixed
StrategyMap Save Changes button moved to the right. Hide Zoom buttons when lit. Done
Export Grid Owner Name not displayed on Export To Grid from Vision/Mission module. Fixed
Export Grid Label text change does not always work. Fixed

March 11 - Release V4.4 Build 3358 published on the web server with these items fixed.
Startup Module Free Personal version Lease Period expired too early.
The software now shows the actual number of days remaining.
Export Grid Difficulties in controlling the Export Grid, Column Widths and Row Heights as well as the overall grid size.
StrategyMap Extra Grids Top row is blank (Licensee Data is required).
Strategy Map Help Tips to be displayed in Grid format.
StrategyMap Strategic Chains sometimes shows non-chained objectives.
NewPlan Wiz In Strategy Map the 5th Row Perspective "Objective 7" was not removed if only 4 rows created.
StrategyMap Test for Objective Cell Span clash with adjacent Objectives.
StrategyMap Common facility "Export to Grid" is not available.
StrategyMap Export Folder not Initialized.
StrategyMap Third Generation BSC Strategy Map Statements Added.
StrategyMap Perspective Text Update not always editable until an Objective had been Clicked.

February 5 - Release V4.3 Build 3323 published on the web server with these items fixed.
Scorecard Reset "Objective Reallocation" when not used.
Scorecard Maximum Scorecard Free-Text cell length not correctly limited.
Scorecard Date-Range "Edit On-the-fly" Panel Location too high.
Scorecard Other List Items "Edit On-the-fly" Panel Location too high.
Scorecard Prevent Mouse Click to Header Row in List Import Grids.
Wizard Fix Add New Plan Help Labels - Hide unless Help-Info is activated.