Software Author's Notes: - January 2013
We have continued with the V4->V5->V6 series as we are getting continual request for improvements to the software.
Plus we have also been working on version 7 and now have a running test system using the 64 bit compatible VistaDb database from Gibraltar Software. Hence this will have a new database system and be fully compatible with 64 bit computers.

With the run-up to publishing our V7 software, we have re-branded our product as StrategyKpi and developed our new main website
Plus we have moved all our website hosting over to
The process of developing V7 is to carefully examine and re-write all 200,000 lines of software code so that it is perfectly aligned with the software concepts.
Not only will this make the software run faster and very reliably, it will also provide the firm footing necessary for producing the 3 proposed overlays:
1. Multi-Language capability. 2. Password Security System. and 3. Website & Smartphone display modules.

As the Global Financial Crisis continues the need for Strategic Planning is increasing.
Business Durability and Adaptability depends more than ever on Performance Monitoring which ultimately comes through employee Unity, Alignment and Focus.

It is nice to know that you can get professional quality strategic software for free and we are constantly working hard to make the software better.
- All we ask in return is that you tell all your friends about us and also help them with their strategic planning work.
- Please also advise them of our free Concept and Software Training Screen Shots and Videos.

The GFC has created a new focus on our software with many people turning towards the Internet to find a Kaplan & Norton compatible strategic planning software product without paying thousands (or indeed tens or hundreds of thousands) of dollars.

The new focus is on creating a Strategic Business Picture (Strategy Map and all associated Statements) and then using the Balanced Scorecard to align and measure everything that you do.
In times of recession, making a correct value judgement should always rely on effective alignment and measurement and hence this software becomes a badly needed automation tool.

Best regards and thank you for using our software.

- Phil Best (Strategy Map Balanced Scorecard KPI Software Architect & Software Developer)