www.StrategyKpi.com Software Support Policy:

www.StrategyKpi.com provides Strategy Map and Balanced Scorecard software that is either Totally Free Forever or has a Significant Usage Test Time.
We encourage all users to completely test the software before they purchase a software license.
During this (extended) test period we have never been known not to provide full software Support.
At the time of writing this web page, our policy is to always provide full software support to all users at zero cost forever.
Totally Free Concept and Software Training:

We provide extensive Totally Free Training from our Training subdomain http://Training.StrategyKpi.com
This training is for BOTH Concepts and Software.
The training is in the form of descriptive Screen Shots, FAQ Lists and Actual Downloadable Videos.
- Most of the videos are also located on YouTube.com and we provide links to these.
All this training is Totally Free For Everybody Forever.
We Love to Help and Provide Support:

The quality and span of our free training facilities indicates our high commitment to customer support.
The Scope of our Customer Support is officially for software issues only.
However we love to help and often provide free advice regarding the actual content of a customer's Strategy Maps and Balanced Scorecards.
Very Low Price for Paid Support & Assistance:

We also offer a low cost Strategy Map Balanced Scorecard and Staff Training Consulting service.
The cost of this is much less expensive than normal commercial Strategic Planning Commercial rates.
For example it is normally possible for us to create a Strategy Map based on a customer's own data which usually takes one whole day.
When compared with the importance of an organization's Strategy Map, the cost of this is extremely affordable.
- The actual amounts can be seen in our StrategyKpi.com Price List.