Exceptional Resources:
Name & Link Description
Strategic Management Insight This site contains several high profile SWOT analysis examples.
This includes companies such as Microsoft, Google, Apple, Macdonalds, CocaCola and many others.
Microsoft SWOT Analysis      Apple Swot Analysist      Google SWOT Analysis      Facebook SWOT Analysis       McDonalds SWOT Analysis       Coca-Cola SWOT Analysis
USA Resources and Consultants:
Name & Link Description
Dan Feliciano
Dan is a well known and highly active Lean Six Sigma Strategic Planner and works for IBM & GEC.
The Perceptual Edge Stephen Few is an expert on Dashboard displays and what you should be expecting to obtain.
He also runs an MBA course at the University of California Berkley campus.
Jay Arthur & KnowWare Jay Arthur runs KnowWare International which provides Six Sigma & QI Macros (for Excel) Webinar Training Courses.
Jay has also written a textbook Lean Six Sigma Demystified".
Harvard Business School Case Study Material Harvard University is regarded as the home of Balanced Scorecard thinking.
HBS - Southwest Airlines Harvard University SouthWest Airlines example.
UK Resources and Consultants:
Name & Link Description
Cranfield University CBP (UK) This is the home of www.PerformancePrism.com
Julia Payne, David Bowler & the Incisive Edge Group The Incisive Edge Group of Silks Way, Braintree, Essex UK have a fantastic website with free training videos. (They also use our software.)
UK Strategic Planning Association The SPS focus is Strategy Development and Implementation.
They have a newsletter plus a library of previous presentations.
2GC Active Management (UK) Gavin Lawrie of 2GC is a well known Balanced scorecard Consultant.
www.RapidBI.com (UK) Mike Morrison is also very well known in the Balanced Scorecard Arena.
Advanced Performance Institute (UK) another useful resource.
Other Resources and Consultants:
Name & Link Description
Active Search Results - ASR Active Search Results help us to maintain a good search engine ranking so that our customers can find us.
Nigel Penny & Claritas Asia Nigel Penny is a well known Balanced Scorecard Consultant and does work in Asia, India and UAE.
Strategic Insight Tools and SWOT SWOT Analysis for:   APPLE     COCA-COLA     McDONALDS     SAMSUNG     STARBUCKS    WALMART  
Software and hardware that we use:
Name & Link Description
VistaDb dotnet Embedded database system. We use VistaDb from Gibraltar Software as the database system that goes out with (embedded inside) our software install file.
MalwareBytes Anti-virus MalwareBytes is the best anti-virus investment that anybody can make for their computer. It has saved our computer systems several times and for that we are extremely greateful.
On a score of 1::10 we would give MalwareBytes a score of 10 whilst for Avast we would only give it a score of 2.
This is because MalwareBytes actually fixes the infection problem, whilst Avast tries to sell you something extra to fix it.
Together MalwareBytes and Avast work together to keep our software development system clear of any viruses and malware.
However the primary anti-virus system will always be the actual user by never opening untrusted emails and not viewing untrusted content.
Avast Anti-virus We switched over to Avast after purchasing a license from Lavasoft and then purchasing another license from AVG.
We found that Avast Free version is better than the purchased versions of Lavasoft Adaware and AVG.
Desk PDF from Docudesk We use this whenever we need to create a PDF document from any word processing or other software.
Techsmith Snagit Since 2005, we have used this screen capture and editing software for all our icon and other image generation functions, both within our software and website.
We recommend that all our customers use this software to supplement the use of our software.
Techsmith Camtasia We use Camtasia 6 to create our highly popular concept and software training videos.
As our videos are totally free, everyone benefits from this excellent video production product.