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  (If you do nothing else than just create some SWOT statements, then you are to be congratulated.)

It does not matter if you are the worlds largest mining company, or a student or stay-at-home Mum.
- This good old fashioned framework provides the most important plan you will ever have.
- You would not build your house without plans, then where are your business plans?

The "Doctor Swot" framework is the Best Source of all your Objectives, KPI/KRA's and Measures.
- This Trusted Framework can define everything that you both currently do and want to do.

D: Danger.       What things that you do are considered dangerous.
R: Risk.           What do you do that is Very Risky.
S: Strengths.     What is it that you are really good at and need to be maintained.
W:Weaknesses. What is it that you do which need to be improved.
O: Opportunities. Where are the major opportunities for you and your associates.
T: Threats.       What and where are the major threats to your continued success.
L: Leverage.     What you DO, HAVE or WANT that creates a special offer that CANNOT BE REFUSED.
"Design your Own" Strategic Plan Database Structure:
The structure of every Strategic Plan in every Organization can be different.
In this system you can redefine every term and add many popular user-defined columns such as review dates, milestones, links to external documents, account codes, budgets and much more.

Flexible and Adaptive:
We do not force you to use any specific Balanced Scorecard Terms or Names.
You can rename these standard terms differently to suit each Strategic Plan.
Multi-Function Initiatives Table:
The optional Initiatives grid has several user-defined columns as well as Budget columns with numeric, currency or percent cell styles.
For each Initiative table row there can be the two monthly tables: Gantt & Finance, each with varying cell styles.
These monthly grids can have optional custom row names that define their purpose.
The function of the monthly grid rows can be used to define the concept of Actual/Planned.
Comprehensive Actual/Planned Monthly Planning Schemes:
The Balanced Scorecard software module has two separate & optional monthly grids.
1. A normal Gantt/Progress Grid with a variety of Cell Styles.
2. A Financial/Numeric Grid with the ability to display summary columns in the Initiatives Table.
Either of these can be used to drive the WYSIWYG and you can mix and match for each Initiative.